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Print and web content that speaks to the audience, while serving the organization
> From concept to copy, I took the Ryerson Engineering brand in an exciting direction—with strategic, personal content for the handbook that differentiates the school from its competitors and reinforces the goals of the faculty’s strategic plan. Please explore my award-winning undergraduate engineering admissions handbook.
> I’m also in charge of re-writing every single website for Ryerson’s Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science. Here are two examples: 1) Ryerson Aerospace Engineering 2) Ryerson Architectural Science


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I ❤ people. I’ve interviewed 200+ in my career thus far, and have built trust with each one. (Scroll down to “Spotlights”.)
A prof who 3D prints
> A post-revolution career
> From student to teacher


Speeches and editorials for senior university leadership
As these are ghost-written, please contact me and I will send them to you privately.

Earlier in my career, I was a freelance journalist.
> How to speed read (Wired)
> A personal take on the economy/jobs (Toronto Star)
> Gluten-free entrepreneur (Toronto Star)

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Magazine editoral direction
For several years, I was the editorial and creative director of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario’s magazine. Here are some samples of articles I conceptualised, researched and wrote. (I also oversaw the work of many freelancers in this role and led all design.)
> A new vista
> The business of burying
> Celebrity chef interview


Advertising and PR copywriting
> I used to write roughly five ads a day when I worked at RBC. I had only a small library of images to work with, as well as strict rules about language usage. By being creative, I made my clients happy. Black diamond run (RBC)
> At NKPR, I wrote content, press releases and marketing materials for dozens of clients, often on the same day! RW&Co. trend report
> At Ryerson, I lead all copy writing for various campaigns, in print and online. (Often with very little photography / ad space to work with.) 1) Ryerson Globe and Mail banner ad  2) One Ryerson ad, three copy concepts