The Weather Inside

It’s summer in Toronto, and the snow is relentless.
Too bad no one but Avery can see it.

Avery Gauthier can’t get far enough away from her past: the death of her beloved father, the abuse she suffered as a teen, and the religion that tore her parents apart. A reality-refugee, she’s managed to keep the chaos of her former life at bay… until now.

When her husband returns to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, her estranged mother wants back in, and the snow—invisible to everyone but Avery—piles up and up and up, Avery is forced to face her greatest fears. She looks to the outside for help, to her mysterious superintendent and the comforts of a local weatherman, only to realize that the solutions lie where the problem does: within.

A twisted, darkly funny and redemptive tale, The Weather Inside will leave you wondering where the line is drawn between what’s real and what’s imagined, and why Armageddon isn’t always the end of the world.

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Where to buy The Weather Inside 

To buy the print edition, check out Freehand Books, or ask your favourite local indie bookstore to order it in. Chapters has it, too, and Amazon. But why shop there when you can support your local indie?

E-book editions are available from Kobo, Kindle (Canada), iBooks, Google Play and Broadview Press

Your best bet is to ask your local indie bookstore to order it in for you. If that fails, Broadview Press may be able to ship to the U.S. And sometimes Barnes & Noble has a copy in stock. (Email me if you have any trouble.) 

Broadview Press can normally ship anywhere in the world, but some people have had problems getting their hands on it. If you want to purchase a copy directly from me, I have a box of books in my living room. Email me.